PD Denim Drive

We want your old denim


Yep, you read that right, we want your old 100% cotton denim. Why, because 100 % cotton is a sustainable fiber, that can be recycled, which can be broken down to its natural state and transformed into something new. Recycling conserves natural resources, saves energy, and reduces the need for landfill space1, while helping to reduce the approximately 16 million tons of textile waste discarded each year2


We are by no means experts when it comes to the process and logistics of recycling denim. We have however partnered with several global initiatives who manage the recycling process and end-product solutions.

Send us your old denim, and the planet with thank  you with a 30% off discount code.


Denim can be sent to the address below:

C/O Pretty Denim

1024 Dupont Street

Toronto Ontario 





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