Around every corner there is an opportunity to be inspired.


I just spent the last 6 days in Venice Beach and let me tell you it made me want to move to the beach. Well, not to the beach pursay, but it made me want to be sit on a bench and watch all the people go by. The people watching there is amazing. More accurately all your sense are on fire in Venice beach.

As a designer - interesting fact, all our denim comes from a broker in downtown LA. It comes from this super cool legacy brand but I’ll get into that at another time.

As a designer people watching is paramount to me. Ever since I was a kid I loved to stare at people. I was and still am memorized by people and how and why they move through space. On my way home I saw the most magnificent women. She had to be in her 60s and she was absolute perfection. The way she smoothly glided through the airport was captivating. She was in all black and over her left shoulder she had a crisp black paten tote bag and over the right, she carried a glossy hat box. Yes, I said hatbox. The hole look invoked pure joy. Everything about her was done with purpose. It was very clear that she dressed like this every day. This was not an overdone outfit. This was her everyday armor.

As I boarded the plane I couldn’t stop thinking about this woman, and the idea of armour. More then ever women now may feel like they need to wear armour. We often feel the need to cover up, be modest or business appropriate. I say fuck it, wear what makes you feel strong. Wear what makes you feel ready for the battle. Her armour I’m sure was made of pure cashmere and our armour is made of pure denim. Either way, we are dressed and prepared.

tahnee lloyd-smith